How To Make Sure Your Child’s Internet Browsing Safe And Secure

It’s not that you don’t trust your child; it’s more like you don’t trust the contents of what they can potentially click on as they engage in one of their internet browsing sprees. Being online can give you the freedom of feeling like you can access anything—anything at all with just a few taps or clicks of the button. The sheer amount of pornography available on the internet is just horrifying yet there seems to be little we can do to stop it. Or is it, really? Just because it’s there, doesn’t mean there’s absolutely nothing we can do to keep it from getting into our children’s internet-connected devices. There are a number of ways for parents to do that. Keep on reading to learn how.

Parental Controls

Parental Controls allow you to create filters to specifically block inappropriate content such as pornography and violence. You can also set it to prevent your child from accessing websites that contain malicious software which can be downloaded into the computer without them even knowing about it.

Third Party Internet Protection Software

There are a number of third party software which you can install either for free or for a certain fee to make sure that you get maximum malware protection. This is also for added peace of mind for those times when you can’t be physically there to keep tabs of what they’re doing.

Built In Safety Tools On The O.S.

Your computer’s operating system, may it be a Mac or a Windows, has its very own safety features which you can use to keep porn and malware at bay. It has its own firewall, plus a few other settings which you can use in conjunction with third party internet protection software to make sure your child’s web browsing experience is kept away from harmful “digital entities”.

Be Proactive In Monitoring Their Internet Activity

This includes reminding your children that if they are going to be active in social networking sites, they need to restrict access only to their friends and family. You also need to check on their browser history because sometimes, they can still get around to internet filters by playing with words and phrases such as “woman in bed crying” or slang terms like “motorboat” and a lot of other phrases we know nothing about anymore (unless someone tells us). As weird as it may sound, these are terms that they pick up from friends who are probably doing the same thing so when you see something out of the ordinary, click on the sites to find out what it’s about.

tools for your kids safety

tools for your kids safety

Do Not Limit Yourself to the Computer

When monitoring your child’s internet activity, make sure that you don’t just focus on their computers/laptops, as children and teenagers use tablets more often these days. Make sure that you explain why you’re doing this so that they will understand that this is not complete disregard and invasion of their privacy.

There is nothing that any software or program can do to stop willing kids from accessing pornography. But if you’re vigilant in enforcing these rules, they will learn the difference between correct and inappropriate behavior on the internet.

My PC Backup. Cloud protection you need at a price you can afford

My PC Backup. Cloud protection you need at a price you can afford

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Having a Baby: Why You Shouldn’t Avoid This Discussion

There are many relationships and marriages that can attest that while raising a baby post so many issues and challenges, a baby in the family can also be a great source of bundle of joy and inspiration. To an individual, having a baby transforms him or her to become another person that puts the interest of this tiny life first before anything else. Couples living together in and out marriage find their relationship going stronger because of the presence of this little angel. As a person, sometimes, you accept and step up to the challenge of raising a baby even if you have not parented a child before. You welcome the lasting effect the new experience will bring in to your life. However, your partner may feel the same as you. You may even be surprised to know that the idea of having a baby to your partner might be a possible turn-off and the discussion is not even a welcome topic.

Are you still on the same page?

You feel that your relationship with your partner is “ripe” enough to raise it to a new level – having a baby. However, something inside you as well says that discussion on babies with your partner seem to be a topic that is best avoided. It could also be that once and for all, you want this issue cleared out before investing another day in it. For you, agreeing to raise a child in the relationship will be your unspoken proof that your relationship is indeed heading for a more permanent direction.

Break it gently

If the thought of having and raising a child bugs you to the point of anxiety or if the thought of being pregnant torns you between happiness for yourself and sadness for your partner, then it is time to lay this feeling out in the open. Having a baby and raising it is a completely normal stage in a relationship, but it’s a choice that you and your partner must agree to take on. Understanding the real value of this baby in your relationship will help ease the pressure and challenges in raising it. For whatever its worth you want the baby’s presence to keep your relationship bound together, healthy and strong and not make it fall apart.

Exercise after having a baby

Exercise after having a baby

Eager to bring up the discussion of having a baby?

Try these two subtle tips:

1. List down the reasons why you believe having this baby is good for your relationship or marriage and list as well the reasons you could think of why your partner may not want it. Having all these down on paper will prepare you in the possible direction of discussion. You may try and prepare your replies against his objections and see how he will take it.

2. Display an array of baby paraphernalia in the house. This could be magazines, baby movies, baby gifts for another friend, baby books or anything else that will make him pick up the signal that anytime soon there will be a “baby discussion” in the house.

Is this what royal baby could

Is this what royal baby could

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How to Quit Smoking for Real

Many have tried to quit smoking but failed because there was not enough determination to do so. Even with a list of things to do, without the determination, quitting will only be an endless routine. While it’s a good sign that one does not quit quitting, too many times trying and failing every time might just drop down to discouragement.

List all the harmful effects of smoking

Do a search over the internet and look for a comprehensive list of what harmful effects smoking can give you. Print it using at least 16 points of font size and post it where you can always see it. It may be on the wall in your office, your bedroom, the kitchen, etc. Change the list from time to time to avoid blindness to the post. When you see something over and over you tend to overlook it over time. By printing it again, preferably redesigning the format, you deliberately avoid the blindness.

Write a contract

Write a special contract with a start and end date of your quitting. Include 2-3 witnesses–people you respect and would not want to disappoint. Include a punishment clause in case you fail. Make it painful enough that you would rather stick to the plan than take the punishment but not too painful that will affect other people like members of your family. Set your mind to a point of no return.

Learning how to stop smoking

Learning how to stop smoking

Tell your family and friends

Let everyone you know, know about your plan. Ask them to not smoke near you or invite you to smoke. Your family and friends will be the ones to also encourage you to stick to your plan especially if smoking is also against their principles.

Anticipate possible challenges along the way and get ready with possible solutions

Effects of withdrawal can be painful physically, emotionally and mentally. Make a list of what you will do when you undergo that moment. Be firm not to give in. Get your family and friends involved. Give them a go signal to stop you.

Remove everything in your place, home, work area and car, connected to smoking

Throw away things like lighters, ashtrays, and the cigarettes or cigars.

Go for an alternative

It could be nicotine patches or e-cigs but it is better if the alternative does not even look like a cigarette or does not patch nicotine even if it is on the skin only. Go for nuts with shells instead. With your two hands shelling the nuts and your mouth eating, all will be busy doing something.

Prepare a large glass jar for savings

Put the money you meant to buy your regular supply of cigarettes in the large glass jar so that you can see how much you already have saved by not smoking. Plan what you will do with the money as a reward when you have finally quit for good.

Free advice on how to quit

Free advice on how to quit

Quitting smoking may not be easy but if you set your mind to it, with a contract, a punishment when you fail, a plan and a reward when you finally quit, success is very much possible.

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Succeed In Investing Like the Wall Street Gurus

One of the hottest trends today in earning money is investment. In fact, this is a source of lucrative income that many people have made this as a primary source of income. Investing has made many people rich while at the same time those that are not knowledgeable in this field end up failing. It is important therefore to learn how to invest so that you can become successful and end up getting rich like some Wall Street experts. Here are some investment tips that would make anyone, including an amateur investor, to become successful in this field.

  • Sometimes focusing on one will have better returns Usually in investment, you would be advised to divide it across different companies. The reason is that in case one stock will become losing, you still other stocks to look at. The disadvantage of this method is you have smaller returns. If you want a bigger return, invest in one company and pour your resources in there. If your investment will become successful, you will have bigger returns. Losing is not an option because before you invested in that particular company, you should have completed your research and background check on that company.

  • Invest on companies that are more concerned on who are investing and not on how much they have investedThere are many companies that are desperate for investors and they are more concerned on the money coming in. These are not good companies to invest in because they are in it for the money and not for the conduct of the business. These companies are usually impulsive and will have poor decision-making later on. Look for companies that are interested on the people who invested in them because they are most likely to perform and do the right decisions.

    The Market Gurus: Stock Investing Strategies You Can Use from Wall Street's

    The Market Gurus: Stock Investing Strategies You Can Use from Wall Street’s

  • Don’t be too greedy – This is one of the most common mistakes that investors do and you don’t want to become like them. This refers to your ability to hold to something in the hope of getting more than what is already there. If your investment had already profits, get the profit and move on. If you let your investment stay too long, you might lose everything in an instant. If an investment is not profitable, sell it instead of holding on to it.

  • Look for companies that are in monopolies and duopolies These are companies that are the leading figure in their particular line of business. Although the cost for investing in these companies is high, experts say this is worth it. The reason is because no other competitors can beat companies in monopolies and duopolies. Some examples include Nestle in the food products and MasterCard in the credit card business.

Being an amateur in investment is not a reason to fail. You can still become successful like the experts in Wall Street even with limited experience. Before investing, research the company you intend to invest in and follow the tips listed above to be successful. A little research would not hurt too. There are many tips that you can find in the internet for beginners like you.

This system avoids the duopoly

This system avoids the duopoly

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How To Take Advantage Of Company Politics For A Raise

Office politics may have a negative connotation to some, but it certainly has its own advantages, especially if you want to get ahead in the corporate ladder or get a substantial raise. But how does one do it without having to fight fire with fire? Or is there no other choice but to go through that as well? Here are a few things you need to remember.

Embrace it as a part of office cultural

Let’s face it, no matter how many times you complain, or start wishing for it to disappear, organizational politics is going nowhere. You have to learn how to manage it, partly because it is one of the reasons why most companies strive to find ways in improving office management and policies. Its sudden appearance may be a sign that there is something missing, something that needs polishing, tweaking, or enhancing. It could be a sign that clients are having doubts in moving forward with your group or company, in which case it would have to bring out the resilience and persistence (or lack of it) of a person in thinking of better ways to improve their game. Here’s your chance to strike while the iron is hot. Make sure it counts. And make sure your boss is watching.

Office culture Republished

Office culture Republished

Choose a mentor that can help you get ahead

Not only are mentors good advisors, they can also serve as solid leverage when angling for a promotion. Having a mentor is the best way to get ahold of all the comings and goings in the office. And guess what, sharing anecdotes with him/her (it doesn’t matter what gender, really) will only make it that much easier to put your best foot forward.

Want to get ahead in your

Want to get ahead in your

Take a look around the way they see it

In an office setup, clashes in personality are very common when fresh ideas need to be thrown around constantly. Listening is just as important as sharing your thoughts, which is why you need to make sure you constantly polish on your listening skills. Don’t be afraid to show the inquisitive in you. Ask questions and let them do the talking so you’ll have an idea how each of them think. If you seriously want to get a raise you are going to want to get on your superiors‘ good side, and there is no better time to start doing that than right now.

To say the least, office politics is inevitable. It’s up to you how you’re going to take it all in. When you’re in the midst of hierarchy in power, people are going to scramble just to have a taste of it. Welcome the competition. Make it work for you so you can get better on all aspects of work. Remember that it’s necessary when aspiring for a promotion or an increase in salary.

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